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Thought Leadership.


Throughout my career, I have been tasked with building the reputation and credibility of my company and its top executives. This was accomplished in a number of ways, including: publishing original research, distributing executive reports, securing podium presentations, blogging and being quoted in industry press.  


Julie Blaszak

Leading the Way with Market Research. 

At Krames StayWell, we regularly conducted market research on topics of interest to our key purchasing segments. Oftentimes, we solicited input from our clients about the what research would help them in their jobs.  Once the qualitative or quantitative research was completed, the key findings were presented in the format of an Executive Report or Research Brief.  This strategy paid off well for us and was well worth the investment to conduct the research. It fortified our role as marketplace leader, plus, the reports  made excellent offers for lead generation campaigns. 

Julie Blaszak

Podium Presentations to Radiate Expertise.

An excellent strategy to build our reputation was by securing podium presentations at industry conferences. It required thoughtful planning, as typically the call for speakers were publicized 9-10 months before the conference. Our acceptance rate spiked once we began to partner with a client using one of our products, and built the presentation around their case study. Our clients loved it! We handled all details on behalf of our client so it was easy for them to participate. A compelling offer was made at the end of the presentation, enabling us to collect lead cards for everyone who attended the session.  


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