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What colleagues say.


"Activator. Innovator. Enthusiast. Leader. Julie's pursuit of excellence is unmatched and her energy seemingly endless. In working with her for more than 12 years, I don't think I saw a day where she didn't bring her "A" game to work. Julie delivers the rare ability to pair high level marketing strategy with exceptional day-to-day creative execution. She has an uncanny ability to know what motivates decision-makers, and excels at applying that insight to achieve strategic growth objectives."


                                             - Kristin Leonard Pearson, Executive Vice President & Julie's manager at Krames StayWell 



"Julie's entrepreneurial spirit, out-of-the-box problem-solving skills, and spot-on marketing instinct drove key business development, website development, and marketing initiatives that contributed directly to the success of my business. Julie is a natural leader who embraces change and is able to recognize and adapt to the relevant business needs of an organization with demonstrated ROI."


                                             - Sally J. Rynne, CEO and Founder, Women's Healthcare Consultants and Health Newsletters Direct



"Julie has the unique ability to provide strategic vision while also directing effective execution. She provided our team with great insights to increase visibility and awareness of our brand. She also helped us think creatively about specific marketing campaigns that would break through in a crowded market. Julie is a gifted strategist, a trusted colleague, and a great leader."


                                              - Barbara Correll, Senior Vice President,Marketing at Krames Staywell



"Julie is a multi-faceted leader who is innovative and driven. While working together for over 10 years, she wore many hats and wore them well, leading branding, marketing, design and creative services efforts. She constantly brought up new ideas and successfully collaborated with others to bring them to life. Julie brings passion and conviction to any project." 


                                              - Colleen Toole, Senior Vice President, Custom Communications at Krames StayWell




"I've worked alongside Julie for over 10 years. Not only is she very sharp, highly professional, and extremely creative, but she was a key partner in helping our sales team think "outside the box" to accelerate the sales process. 


                                              - Jason Pagels, Vice President of Sales at Krames StayWell



"Julie is a visionary leader who brings excellence to every initiative with which she is engaged. She possesses a rare combination of marketing expertise, creative insight, and stellar project management skills. I have worked with Julie on several re-branding initiatives and have been blown away by the energy and acumen she applies to the art and science of bringing a company's brand to life. She always "makes it happen" and she knows how to get others to do so as well."


                                               - Julie Doyle, Director of Marketing, American Hospital Association







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