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Brand Development.


Marketing success is contingent on the presence of an authentic brand platform. Fortunately, most of my roles have included brand development as part of my marketing responsiblities.  Whether building a brand from the ground up or reshaping an existing brand, I have the know-how to lead the charge for your organization.


Julie Blaszak

New Brand for a New Company. 

Two fierce competitors merged to become a new corporate entity. I pitched the FRESH brand concept to our CEO and got approval to move forward with this highly unusual "abstract" approach to launch the largest custom health communications company in the USA.  To make it happen, I immediately assembled a small team of high-level resources and we worked diligently to define the brand, create the core collateral, and to build the multi-channel website.



  • The branding was rolled out in 4 months and came in under budget.

  • The unconventional branding approach took the market by storm, was copied often, and was extremely effective in positioning StayWell Custom Communications as the market leader. 

Julie Blaszak

Building Credibility for "the little company that could."

An early pioneer in women's health, Sally Rynne founded a publishing company that offered health newsletters based on gender-specific medical research. The syndicated newsletter was sold to hospitals, branded under their name -- targeted to women as the primary users and choosers of healthcare services. I was Sally's first full-time employee and charged with creating a brand that resonated with our hospital buyers. The Health Newsletters Direct brand was based on the ideas of "credibility" and "empowerment" as the way for hospitals to effectively communicate with the women in their service area and increase market share. 



  • Health Newsletters DIrect was successfully positioned as the #1 publishing company with expertise in targeting women.

  • The branding cascaded fluidly through all touch points 

  • Revenues tripled in first 3 years. 


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