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Digital Marketing.


A robust website is important, however, digital marketing tactics are key to a well-integrated marketing program. Count on me to incorporate the right blend of of emarketing, social media, blogging, online ads and multimedia into a comprehensive strategy that delivers the results you seek.   

Julie Blaszak

Video to Promote Digital Content Offerings. 

I led the development of a sales video to articulate the scope, depth and interactivity of the digital health content offered by StayWell Custom Communications. I solicited competitive bids for a video production firm which led to an amazing partnership with Richter Studios;  then managed the project from start to finish by overseeing a cross-functional team that included:


  • Internal Marketing team

  • Internal Designer & Art Director

  • Video Production company 

  • Internal Product Development team

  • Internal Sales Management

  • Key stakeholders, including the company CEO



  • The video significantly accelerated the sales process and resulted in more solidly qualified sales leads, thereby reducing sales acquisition costs.

  • The video was added to the home page of our website and traffic spiked by 10%.


Julie Blaszak

Emarketing Campaign to Promote Health Calendar. 

For 4 consecutive years, I wrote and executed email campaigns to generate sales leads for our freshly redesigned health calendar product. The calendar was sold to hospitals and health plans as a tool for them to promote their services to patients/members in their service area. A challenge was the selling timeframe. It as very tight because of when our client fiscal years ended relative to the sales cycle. Email marketing was an ideal outreach method because it could be executed quickly with messaging tailored and tracked by buyer subsegments. The promo emails featured preliminary product designs to stimulate interest and get the leads flowing in. The sales team took it from there -- following up to help clients secure the necessary budgetary funding, then closing the deal. 



Revenues doubled within a 4-year timeframe because of the stunning new product designs and our ability to initiate outbound marketing outreach earlier to better align with client budgeting cycles.



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