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Integrated Marketing.


Integrated Marketing is the application of consistent brand messaging across both traditional and non-traditional marketing channels, as well as the use of a variety of promotional methods to reinforce each other. Look no further!  I am an expert in this area having planned and executed integrated programs for over 20 years.

Julie Blaszak

Lead Generation to Fill the Sales Pipeline. 

Generating quality sales leads was the primary objective for the communications programs I created at Health Newsletters Direct. Data-driven direct mail, dimensional mailings, emarketing campaigns and online advertising were the most effective tactics to produce leads. Once in our CRM system, lead nurturing tactics kicked in, which led to impressive sales conversions for our products.



  • 86% of leads generated qualified as purchase decision-makers

  • 60-67% of new revenue directly resulted from communication program leads 

  • For 7 straight years, lead generation objectives were exceeded by 8-12% annually

Julie Blaszak

Self-Branded Calendar as B2B Promotional Tool. 

A popular product at Krames StayWell was our custom print calendar that our clients used as a 365/24/7 marketing tool with their consumer audiences. I thought: Why not use the same tactic for our clients and prospects?  So we did.  I directly managed the development process, ensuring the calendar was packed with useful marketing tips and helpful strategies. A key factor in the creative development was that the calendar had to "look cool" as well as be on-brand. Our clients loved it and couldn't wait to put it up in their offices. And they did. Year after year.



For under $2 each, we promoted the our brand, our products and our expertise to our most valuable segment on a year around basis.


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