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Operational Initiatives.


I have been challenged to help my company stay competitive, to grow the top line, to reduce the bottom line, and to build thought leadership. I have many stories to share, starting with these two.


Julie Blaszak

15% Staff Productivity Increase. 

Upon assuming leadership for a new team in 4 different states, I devised a 5-prong plan to increase productivity in my 28-person department of designers, art directors and marketers. The action plan was built around the five areas I thought offered the most potential for efficiency gains: 


     1. Step-by-Step Process Review

     2. Technical Upgrades

     3. Top-grading Recruitment Tactics

     4. Staff Training

     5. Operation Whitewater Workload Tracking



  • Within 18 months, staff productivity increased by 15% (equivalent to 2.5 FTE).

  • Department morale soared.  My team was thrilled with the hardware and software upgrades, process revisions, professional skills development  and renewed sense of accountability and focus. 

Julie Blaszak

Creative Innovation Initiative.

Our clients were asking for more sophistcated design solutions, yet internally our teams were slow to make progress in this area. How to stimulate change across a group of of 90 professionals? My solution was to Innovate!  Upon careful analysis of the areas that seemed to slow our teams down, I created a 30/60/90 Day Plan designed to infuse our division with the best marketing practices from outside our industry, to challenge outdated thinking, and to serve as a catalyst for innovation.  



  • A 5-point uptick in client satisfaction ratings occurred, a key retention metric.

  • Our sales team loved it and immediately incorporated findings into their sales presentation to highlight "innovation" which helped us win new business. 


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